mercredi 10 février 2010

angoulême 2010 goodtimes

last day of the festival ; ted mathot and i ...soooo tired ,even if we doesn't
look like ,yaeh payback baby damn...where is bob ?!

this pic was take by fabian who travel from mexico to discover angoulême!
he stop by the stand of comixburo for a little signature ^^. cheers man :-)

a night to remember or to forget :-)) robert valley aka BOB !

here is two notorious great artist who i really admire the work signing at he comixburo stand . ted mathot & robert valley !! I'M WAITTING FOR MORE super pics from friends !! I meet so many great artists specially a crew of spanish guys who kick ass !! better be ready people outhere those guys are ready to invade the comics and bande dessinée world with their great talent ! ^^

have a good creative day

2 commentaires:

Fabian a dit…

Great times, Kaloni!! Happy you liked the photo, thank you and thank you also for the signature, a treasure of mine now! :) Robert Valley, amazing artist with a very original style. And i know about one of those spanish artists that visited you, Pepe Larras, i LOVE his work!!

Pepe Larraz a dit…

Thank you Kalonji! Hope you got reason and we can "invade" the comic world soon.
Thanks Fabian too!
All the best, guys!