vendredi 12 mars 2010

tribute to vampirella

5 commentaires:

Cyril a dit…

Trop bien !
C'est cool, t'es à fond, ça fait plaisir que tu sois revenu et que tu postes comme ça!

Fabian a dit…

Fantastic Vampirella Kalonji!! Is always beyond cool to see these tributes in your style!! Have a great weekend!

Professeur Horreur a dit…

i like your blog! discovered it a few month ago, vampirella was the inciting element, so i had to let you a com'...great job...thanks for the trip everytime i visit your page...
have a fruitfull weekend!
peace out!

kalonji a dit…

CYRIL: je suis assez motive ses temps ^^ ça se calme un peu.

FABIAN : THKS again for your comment my friend, my weekend was great hope yours too ^^

your blog is really great,i like the last characters you post'on :-) the graphic line and the choice of the color are perfect for me :-)!!
many thanks again for your support,i wish youa lovely and creative week.

江美琪Maggie a dit…

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