mercredi 19 mai 2010

SOUTH AFRICA here i come

Hi i will out for at least 10 days sorry if i don't post any new stuff i'm invited in south africa for a symposium ,i'm really nervous and also happy to go there and discover the comics scene.

take care all
and stay creative !

6 commentaires:

Marion a dit…

Profites bien du voyage swiss comic art maeströ !

Fabian a dit…

Congratulations Kalonji!! Have a beyond amazing trip! You deserve it!

ColourfulSoda a dit…

Can't you come to Johannesburg. it'll be awesome. :)

Miki Montlló a dit…

Good Luck JP!!
Don't be nervous, you are the MAN!


Olivier Jouvray a dit…

Ha ha ha ! Comic Art Maestro !! J'en pleure de rire ! Je t'appellerai que comme ça maintenant.

rastapitan a dit…

very cool blog man