vendredi 29 octobre 2010

research for a SF comic -project.

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Emily a dit…

I love this, as well as the hooded lion character in the post below this one- the contrast and shadows are SO good! Keep up the lovely stuff!

PS- Love your new header!

elji a dit…

Vraiment super j'aime beaucoup

meralda a dit…

Vraiment superbe, mais bon je ne viens pas ici tout les jours sans raison, continue j'adore ce que tu fais.

Fabian a dit…

So many projects you have Kalonji! Can't wait to lear more about this one. :)
A question, what size is the original size to work on french BD? Fo example, what size of paper do you use on Waraba?
Have an amazing weekend, friend!

Cavalier Design Works a dit…

Nice one man! I love the hair!

kalonji a dit…

EMILY : hey ,thank you very much emily, for the hooded lion character is a french comic book i work 'on. and the new header is from anothe comic book called THE STRANGE .

thks again for you support

ELJI : merci pour ton soutien ^^!!

MERALDA : ravis de savoir que tu passes tout les jours :-) ça me mais encore plus la pression!
on va garder le niveau alors ?:-)) à bientôt !!

FABIAN : yeah i know so many project :-)) , but thats the way i work and proceed to keep up my energy and balance from another projetc to another one. for your question the size depends on the project and the collection of publisher , there is no standard. for WARABA i work on A3 format.
I dont know if its help you ?! take care.

CAVALIER DESIGN; hey its been a while hope you are well , thks for passin by and let a comment.