mercredi 1 décembre 2010

4 commentaires:

Miki Montlló a dit…

Awesome and sexy drawings, JP!

Cheers, hope to see you soon, somewhere!

Your friend,


Fabian a dit…

An awesome post, Kalonji!! Lots of very beautiful women, specially the first one! No wonder the boxer is seeing stars. Love the cat-beast in her head, a great idea, is it alive or a hat? Works either way. :)

glazed a dit…

Love your work!

kalonji a dit…

MIKI : yep i hope too my friend maybe in angoulême :-).

FABIAN : thank you fab,the cat beast is maybe a hat , i dont know what it was ^^hahaha , well i just draw this like that . the boxer seeing stars are for fun .
Great day my friend !!

Glazed : thank you very much for passin by and let a comment i love your blog ,to be refered in is very kind ^^! by the way great music outhere nice selection !!
have a wonderfull day.