samedi 24 septembre 2011

Doodles wknd.

2 commentaires:

Fabian a dit…

I never commented this, I see that another one of your passions is good music Kalonji, you draw moments where music is very important. What kind artists do you enjoy my friend?
Beautiful doodles, Kalonji, always! :)

kalonji a dit…

I basically love lots of stuff from Artic monkeys, to classical music,movie soundtrack,D'nB ,Lots of jazz the 60' period art blakey .Coltrane ,Miles, and wayne shorter ect...Lots of Indie Hip hop much more stuff from the 90's NOT COMMERCIAL clubbing crap. Mos def ,common , the roots,The illadelph movmn't-SO MANY THINGS MAN .Basically any sound who elevate me and really put me in transe ^^ some traditionnal music from CONGO-all african groove 60's stuff afrobeat-FELA and more too many man ...too many !!