dimanche 23 octobre 2011

The Strange

Duck jones membre de l'organisation de Monkey Dee .

Duck jones member of the organisation of Monkey Dee.

5 commentaires:

clé a dit…

Chanmé ton blog !!!

Fabian a dit…

Looks awesome, my friend, how can i apply to be in l'organisation de Monkey Dee? :) Every character design you have is amazing, Kalonji!

Sean McCormack a dit…

very classy!
I love how huge he is and how teeny tiny his gun is. He must over compensate in some other way!

azreenChan a dit…

Do you know that I keep coming back to your blog to see latest updates because I love your style?


kalonji a dit…

clé :

Merci beaucoup ^^ jolie travail aussi ça envoi big up !!.

Fabian :

Cheers bro for the support !!

Sean :

I like to play with this kind of difference thanks a lot for stop by ^^ !

Azreen :

No i didn't know that ^^,well Thank you very very much,am touched!
thks for the support ^^