lundi 5 décembre 2011


Dear followers ^^ sorry to not update this blog recently, i'm really busy ,cookin new stuff for 2012, stuck in my desk and excited to draw ^^ !
see ya very soon,
more soon ...

7 commentaires:

elji a dit…

J'adore !!!

Darnell a dit…

looking forward to seeing the new work!

Fabian a dit…

As long as you are drawing my friend, everything is cool! Hope you can show some of what you are doing son. Wish you the best on your projects, Kalonji, i know each one of them ill be a success!! :D

Justin Rodrigues a dit…

Love your stuff man! great blog you have here. Cheers!

chhuy-ing a dit…

Tu as l'air imperturbable ! Hâte de découvrir ce que tu nous concoctes !!

Bises from Tokyo à mon couple de petits suisses préférés !! :)

kalonji a dit…

Elji :

Merci chef ^^!!

Darnell :

thank you very much i'm also impatient too.

Fabian :

Hey Fabian, thanks a lot for endless support my dear ,yes i'm working hard on new ideas and they gonna be print for next year^^cheers man have a wonderfull end of year and beautiful christmas !!

Justin :

Many thanks for your words !!!

Chhuy-ing :

Mais plein de bisous à toi ma BELLE MERCI BEAUCOUP !! j'espère que tout se passe bien au pays du soleil levant ^^ on se réjouis de te revoir qui c'est on risque de faire un passage ^^ .

Craig Phillips a dit…

The blog is looking great!! Cant wait to see the new stuff in 2012!