samedi 5 juin 2010


Jesse and her crew she is really phenomenal i learn a lot from her work.
its the last panel of the story, i like the scene of the little girl and the blob with the red shoes.

Yep bryce this ain't over !! ah ah ... i can hear your voice^^
oooh crap kalonji c'mon this stuff is finish nah ?

I remember the wind and the cold ...
and us chasin the spot of light just to feel a bit warm .

5 commentaires:

Fabian a dit…

I was not on time to comment on your last post. Kalonji, what an amazing experience, can´t believe how could you all manage to work together, but you guys did, what a great success. Will we be able to see the pages on your blog or on a book or anywhere?
Congratulations on all of you!! :)

Jorge González a dit…

The best for you!!...Jorge.

kalonji a dit…

Hi fabian,

you can check the site of the cciba there is a link on my page am glad you liked !!

JORGE : thank you !! same for you my dear ^^

Gulzar a dit…

You really had fun here buddy! really! keep it up!
All the best for all your future stuffs!

Jesse a dit…

Had a good laugh seeing the rocks we put down on the panels to stop them blowing away!

I learned so much from everyone there; I'm still processing it all.