mercredi 8 septembre 2010


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Brian Miller a dit…


This is beautiful. All the work you've been posting lately has been stunning!

Fabian a dit…

Great inking Kalonji, and truly beautiful landscape!
What is going on with your other blog futagodiary? It is showing this other blog called Few Notes about... something. Or is it just me?

Adam Temple a dit…

Beautiful. Nice use of hatching.

CongotronicArtFx Ambassy a dit…

Tu commences à me fatiguer avec ton putain de SAVOIR-FAIRE !!!
Tu te prends pour qui ?
Espéce de KALONJI !!!!

It does it !!!!

Really cool !!!

kalonji a dit…

BRIAN: well i've got the uper mojo those days you how it is sometimes ,you got to surf on the wave ^^!! am glad you like the recent post:-)!!

FABIAN: i shutdown my other blog futago ,and re-title the new one is called NINGEN ,you saw it already ,it is only based on my main research around 365 samurai volume two and the adventures of my character the warrior monk,who will be published in the nextfew month at darkhorse in the next month october i think ^^. it will be a monthly issues ! 1 to 4 ^^then the book. thks for the comment.

ADAM : merci :-)

CONGO : j'aime bien quand je t'énerve c'est bon signe ^^ thks for passin by bro has ususal maintain the vibes !! peace

Octavio E. Rodriguez a dit…

These two latest post are awesome!

kalonji a dit…

thank you octavio ^^ i'm really happy to make that collab with my friend myriam.