lundi 27 septembre 2010

tower in the cloud 2

color version by myriam

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Fabian a dit…

YES! Myriam rocks! It was perfect in black and white, now is perfect in color! :)

unoazero2000 a dit…

number one! ;)

CongotronicArtFx Ambassy a dit…

Cool Dude !!!
I really like the way that U and Myriam are calling the shots these days !!
Because you just triggered one of my Visions !!!

U are ready to start making animation projects and 3D feature Films !!!

U know what i am talking about....
My 7 years of coloring for animation are make me excited already about this premature idea of collaborating on those projects... even that old Hergé himself didn't have as many style as u do !!!

ANd by the way by doing so !!!
U were the first one to having that contract with Dark Horse... well part two means that you'll be the first one again to produce animation !!!

I did Triplettes de Belleville for a year and half !!!
Well Poto !!!
Let me tell you that you have reach the level for such thing !!!!

Sur ce Respect.... and being your best friend...
i know that you've been thinking about it !!!
So time to Jump on it Bitch !!!!

U got support from your Family and your beeautiful Wife !!
The Respect from "The American" and i am not talking about Clooney's latest flick !!!

P.S. very nice touch Myriam, u r a Queen !!!

I shut up now !!!!

croquisman a dit…

Bravo,ça rend super bien Myriam,
J'me repete mais vous faites un super duo!!

aintshakespeare a dit…

Great junk towers. I love it.

kalonji a dit…

hey thanks to all its trus we havin fun to collab myriam and i ^^ cheers for your comments ;_)) BIG UP

Myriam a dit…

Un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont commenté et apprécié mon travail de couleurs !! Mais sur un dessin déjà impec comme celui de JP c'est tellement facile :))
A bientôt pour de nouvelles images !

kalonji a dit…

oh yes i bientôt mimi ^^!!