samedi 7 août 2010

back to work

Hi everyone ,

just come back from the U.S i will post some pics from the comic- con.
here is some final drawings for a video game project ,i work with my friend myriam on it ^^ she made the color.


6 commentaires:

Fabian a dit…

Great character designs, Kalonji! So cool you are back to your blog. Can´t wait to see what you post from Comic Con!! Have an amazing weekend, friend!!

kalonji a dit…

hi fabian,
thank you very much,it was great for sure ,i take few shots of the comic con this year not too much^^!!
thanks for the comment my friend .

Mindy Lee a dit…

Beautiful work! Your work grows more everytime I check out your site. It is a joy to see your commitment to your craft.

kalonji a dit…

thank you very much mindy for your words ^^ !! you gave me the fuel with this state of mind ;-) your work is so inspiring. thks again

Emily a dit…

You have such beautiful work! I love love love your character designs! Thank you for your kind comments, I'm thankful to get your professional level advice!
Keep up your amazing work- it's very inspiring!

kalonji a dit…

EMILY : thank you very very much for your words its really kind ,i'll appreciate its very motivated thanks to passin by and share your thoughts. keep up too the and enjoy !