mardi 10 août 2010


yeah right...

Hulk girl with her friends .

j'adore ce persos .

au boulot !

I just love this figurine .

just perfect ^^ !

Bon et bien voilà quelques photos de san diego comic con enjoy !! ^^.

well...ok ,here is some few pics of the comic con .

6 commentaires:

werther Dell'Edera a dit…

Man, you are like one of your drawings :D


kalonji a dit…

hahahah what do you mean ?!
well i guess maybe my fiend ^^!!

Fabian a dit…

Hey Kalonji! vLooks like you had an amazing time there!
YES!! That bfigurine is PERFECT like you say. Is it from a comic book?

Andrew Murray a dit…

Nice stuff your drawings a pics are sweet.

kalonji a dit…

hey thanks andrew ^^nice bog that you !

FABIAN : i dont know if the B figurine is comin from a comc book :-))

Ubermanist a dit…

Where are these toys from? I would be interested in getting some