samedi 14 août 2010

red Q. story-project.

3 commentaires:

Fabian a dit…

Hey Kalonji! Today is paradise of sketches and concepts, a lot of them!! They all look amazing! Hope you reveal more about Red Q story later! :) Have a great weekend!

kalonji a dit…

hey fabian you too have a great weekend !! ^^thks for asking about RED Q ,in fact its just a remix from the jazz story written by my friend nemeth, 4 months ago i posted pics of different jazz character for a story called bleu vertigo,i just change the entire things the story is called now ( red Q.)
the Q is for the word quintet !!

Emily a dit…

I'm loving your comic strips- so so cute! I like the color scheme you have going on too- excited to see the speech bubbles filled :)!