jeudi 22 avril 2010

egypt romance

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Fabian a dit…

Great scene, Kalonji!! Movie feeling! She is beautiful!

Brian Miller a dit…

Gorgeous. Very well done.

Djordje Zutkovic a dit…

Awesome! I really like this one. Its great how you use the negative space pf the detective lead the eye to where it needs to be. Great stuff!

werther Dell'Edera a dit…

Bautiful beatiful pencils!

oriol a dit…


Stop working!

Andre a dit…

I like very much your last pics.
the one with the little girl is so..
gives me goosebumps!

a hug from barcelona friend!

kalonji a dit…

FABIAN: it was no doubt a movie feeling in my mind when i made it !

BRIAN : 'preciate thank for the support :-)

djorje : merci beaucoup am glad you notice that detail with the detective, in the beginning i was not sure to put this character.

werther : thank you maestro !! comin from you am really touched !

oriol : hahahha sorry i cant ^^

andre: am glad you have that bad feeling with the little girl because, it was my intention to make feel a uncomfortable sensation when you look at it !! it was the topic of the commission ^^thanks passin by and comment my work ;-)

werther Dell'Edera a dit…

Maestro?!? Are you kiddin'me?


kalonji a dit…

no am not kiddin you ^^ i mean it .

cecile giovannini a dit…

trop classe!!