lundi 15 décembre 2008

waraba cover tome 2

turtle humiliation aint right !

4 years ago my friend romain demarchi ( pro burton snowboarder ) ask me to draw some character who will be print on shirt,longsleeve was for his company clothing brand called QWST . headquarters are based in ZH switzerland . After few meetings i show him the first charcater based on the topic ( politicly not correct ) givin by his graphic team . the wild bunny pissin on a turtle made a great impression ,then they start to say yes ! i was really happy to do it ,its a kind of work , you cannot refuse. Its not everyday you can draw STUFF LIKE THAT and be pay for it . so far i never so the real print of this eries on shirt or hoodie's ?! i remenber this job all the times when i take a look in my collection of wild bunny :-)

tribute to david walters

women with attitude


lundi 8 décembre 2008

meep meep / project.

ningen versus hellboy .

i really appreciate the great work of mike mignola and is no doubt
one of my big influence in my art work so far...i cannot
deny that. here is a little hommage to his great character hellboy
with my new character ningen of my comics book 365 samurai... the color is
made by the talented myriam who are also a truly fan of hellboy.
well...we enjoy both to do it.

i planned to make a short story,with hellboy and ningen...i didnt
write the story yet but its on my mind ...
however ... off course its a hommage :-)



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