lundi 29 novembre 2010

cover for the ICRC magazine

Final choice from the redaction, here is the two version , the next issue is for Mid -December 2010. ( soon )

for more infos click on the title a direct link in the official Red Cross mag website.

good day to all.

^^ jpk

samedi 20 novembre 2010

vendredi 5 novembre 2010

pinup for CONAN

The title of this pinup was Conan versus the 3000 Bushis from Khitai ! i was really happy receive some samples at home 3 days ago ^^. It' s about a year ago when i made this illustration , i totally forgot when the publication was supposed to come, its a good surprise,for once to open your mailbox no phone bills or other mail to tell to pay this or that ^^ anyway.

enjoy to all

good weekend