samedi 29 août 2009

AFRICAN SUITE/ comics project for noctambule collection.

AFRICAN SUITE is the beautifull title album of the composer and pianist abdullah ibrahim ,its the album who i listened many times when i was in SOUTH AFRICA .African suite is a personnal diary,a short biography ,i could say more a hommage of my grand father (mother sides) who inspire me .

It's alos about my invitation for a foreign cultural exchange supported by pro helvetia who take me to that beautifull journey in south-africa during 2002 ,where i spend one month there...I meet great locals artists who became friends .

I will try to do the best has i can to talk about a lots of subject like ... point of view of africans speaking about the future of africa ,also the lack of knowledge about this great continent ,then my first impression of comin back to the continent after many years .

Because my country of origin is congo ( r.d.c) ex zaïre even if i'm born in geneva switzerland and being in school here, the congo is a very strategic geopolitical place and the source of major huge conflict and plot .Its a very rich soil ,full of natural ressources, who profit to every european countries and all over the world too ,i will spare the chapter of atrocities n' war a little bit...but more the creativity and of joy of some congolese ,and the diaspoara.

my last time there is when i was 13 year's old.
Also question like what's mean being black in the 21 rst century now ?
how peolple look us ? what they know about us ' except trhought the eyes of CNN :-).

the storyboard was done more then 4 years ago but the time wasn't good for me to start that project , graphicly maybe... and also to choose the different subject to put inside the book.

Now i'm really happy to be support by my love katia & my parents and specially my older brother alain kalonji who know very well the situation in congo! a great thanks to clotilde vu who push me and propose me to realize this book.

64 pages. plus some pics about my family and other sketches research accumulate since my trip in south africa , durban joburg,cape town in 2002.


lundi 24 août 2009


after san diego,we flight straight to SF ,we 've been the guest of my friend ted mathot during couples of days,cruisin here and there in the city ,here his a view from cole valley,we also spend lots of goodtime with ronnie del carmen and enrico casarosa,his book named venice chronicles was nominated for a eisner award at THE COMIC CON ,during our U.S trip we meet also more then 3 times the arludik gallery owner's from paris ,diane and jean jacques,then we say goodbye california to enjoy the streets of NYC for few days...

samedi 22 août 2009

SAN DIEGO comic con international 2009

voilà, c'est ici que s'arrête le trip photos du comic con 2009 !!

thats the end of the picture trip of the comic con 2009 !!


vendredi 21 août 2009

mardi 18 août 2009

SAN DIEGO comic con international 2009

I decided to post some pics of my first unbelieveable experience at san diego during the convention.Before i come back with fresh drawing ready to be post! thks to all who discover this blog and those who follow currently.