vendredi 25 septembre 2009

AFRICAN SUITE/ comics project for noctambule collection.

les futures personnages de mon projets bd sur le thème de mon journal intime en afrique du sud relatant mon rapport avec mon grand-père et le continent africain ,l'histoire se déroule en 2002.

here is the future characters of my comics project not yet sign its about a diary in south africa in who talk about my relations with my grand father and the africain continent . the story happen in the year 2002.

vendredi 18 septembre 2009


dear friends,

if anyone of you will be lucky enough to be at the french comics convention QUAI DES BULLES at the beautifull place called st malo (north of french coast ) the 23 24 25 october, here is the next fresh stuff from the french cool publisher attakus crew & olivier vatine !!

peace to all

stay alive be creative & good weekend :-)


jeudi 10 septembre 2009

DEDICACES FESTIVAL BD DE GISORS france,le 12,13 septembre 2009.

salut à tous ,je pars aujourd'hui à GISORS au 13 eme bd festival, dans ( l'eure )non loin de paris, pour ceux qui savent ou c'est :-) je dédicaces les albums que j'ai posté ! sinon rendez vous lundi prochain pour de nouvelles aventures sur le blog,avec des z'olies dessins voui voui !! c'est promis !
bon travail à tous.

bon weekend à tous et merci pour vos visites et commentaires



Dear followers,colleagues,friends,ect.. am out for the weekend t'ill monday the 14th of sept. am invited in a small but nice comics festival in north of france ,THE PLACE IS called GISORS. and the organizers are very very friendly people and passionate too ! i'm going there with a bunch of friends from lyon ( the KCS TEAM ) ! i will signed the following book ( see cover comics i posted,you can order them ,in my website,or for comixburo pass through their links. thks !)
SO I WISH YOU ALL a great weekend!! lots of fun and a creative journey for those who will work ,or chill ...

see ya on monday the 14th for more pics ,yes i'll promess :-)


thanks for your comments who push me to do my best !



dont mess with her!

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