samedi 11 avril 2009

the strange.

the pics for my next graphic novel called the strange. more infos visit akileos editions blogspot.

l'illus de la couv pour ma prochaine bd chez akileos editions. Le titre, the strange pour plus d'infos allez sur leur blog :-)

jeudi 9 avril 2009

happy easter !!!


In this big mess !! global world crisis touch anyone without exception put millions of people close to the exit door...i realize how bless ,lucky,fortunate we are...we still have our own neverland where we can sometimes remain to seek lovely ideas n' hide from our everyday problem...
So put your grey cloud away open your heart spread good energy around you and enjoy what you do and realize what we got! because i think we are all fortunate to do what we love,wich is drawing and create tons of ideas straight out from our imagination, and for some of us be able to live from it and make dreams come true .So thank you to all of you around the globe who keep their dreams close to their heart and spread inspiration,motivation,and lots of fun !!

peace to all...thanks again for the inspirations and sharing your amazing works !


mardi 7 avril 2009

TADAAA!!! c'est bôooo...

si vous ne l'avez pas encore ?! et bien n'hésiter pas ...c'est du beau boulot c'est jolie et ça rend sexy pour l'été qui pointe à l'horizon !! mais avant tout ça fait classe dans la bibliothèque.
c'est chez brand studiopress & au commande mister matthieu reynès BIG UP :-)